A Testimonial From Supporter, Stephanie Shinno

Once I make a decision I see it through! With that said,

I vote for Mel Rapozo for Mayor!

A little bit about me, so you can understand why I am passionate about Team Mel.

Born with a loving, business Filipino Mother who came straight from the Philippines leaving her 8 siblings for a new life to help them and a hardworking, intelligent former Navy now PMRF career minded Japanese Father who is close with his 7 siblings to this day living on this beautiful island called "Kauai," I have learned to observe, learn and respect others. To be quick to give and slow to take. To have discernment in certain situations and to stand for what is right.

I have learned you cannot fool anyone and you must be humble, respectful and have a serving heart of Aloha.

Mel has those qualities.

With God in my heart, I know if it is his will to make Mel our new Mayor, then we are in good hands. Having faith is important, and Mel has shown that. He is a man of God who can lead our aina with good intentions.

We know what our island stands for and what is expected of us when we interact with each other. We may fight, but we always come together when we need to protect our Ohana and island.

I seen a lot of GOOD and a lot of Bad. But if you want to know why this almost 35 year old D./single mom is voting for Mel Rapozo instead of the obvious majority favorite pick? I will tell you why. I prayed about it. God shown me numerous times through confirmation that Mel is for Kauai.

Well I don't know about you but I rather see actions than listen to empty promises. The past good deeds are done. But Mel is always in the present moment serving. What I learned to respect from Mr. Mel Rapozois when he says he going do something...Guess what? He backs his words with his actions.

People make fun of me all the time. They always underestimate or prejudge me without getting to know me. So with that in mind, I never judged him. I watched his actions. He was always there when we needed him. You can bet his wife was right by his side supporting whatever cause we had. (we = non-profit organization)

So not only did he back his words with actions, his wife and ohana would show you what team work looks like.

I believe anyone can be a great Mayor really. But Mel has that EXPERIENCE that backs him up. I would say, he earned that seat by right. It isn't a bold statement. It's facts. They can wait their turn, let Mel lead us.

What I mean is. He ain't a rookie who just graduated out of college with no experience or got sworn in as a new cop. He has a history of serving and being a great REAL voice for our aina and our people.

Yes we won't always see eye to eye, but you can count on his honesty and his passion for our people.

People make this Paradise worth waking up and working 2-3 jobs just to feed our families and pay for the roof over our heads. While we have no time to fight for our rights. He has gone over, beyond and backwards to speak on our behalf. That's the kind of man I would vote for on that Mayor Seat.

Other reasons:
One. His actions speak louder than words. 
Two. He is always there for anyone young or old.
Three. He is REAL. Real doesn't mean disrespectful. It means he is honest and will do his best to do what he can for our people & Aina to the best of his capabilities. 
Four. His other half Patsy Rapozo is just the bomb.com. You wanna learn why a man of excellence is so great, take look at his wife. Your answer lies there. Behind every great man, there is an excellent wife supporting him.

So you can vote for the idea of a good candidate or vote for who is real. A real person, a real family man, a real heart for Kauai.

I vote for Mel Rapozo. He has always been on the front line. And has the manners to shut down a man who can talk through a situation with an ego that says I graduated with a degree.

Degrees don't make changes. People do. Mel knows that. So that is why I will vote for Mel. I humbly ask you to look inwards and ask yourself what you need. Then you will see like I did, that I need a real leader who will stand up for what is right for Kauai.

I stand with Mel Rapozo, his wife Patsy Rapozo and Team Mel. Miracles do happen, and I witness it every time I hangout with these awesome people.

Thank you and have a great fall break with your Ohana.


Ms. Stephanie Shinno.

Surprise, Mel!


Mel announces his candidacy for Mayor of Kaua'i


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